With the Funeral Contribution Kit, see online how the funeral ceremonies took place almost immediately and give family members, friends, and acquaintances the opportunity to share these difficult moments in the online private space of the Kit where they will be able to send their testimonies, their condolences, see the images of the funeral ceremonies etc. Click here for more information.


General Sales And Online Service Delivery Conditions



Online Funerary Kits, Commemoration Kits and "In Memoriam" Pages are proposed, as well as other products and services, the characteristics and prices of which are indicated in their presentation pages.

The internaut is invited to read all this information as well as these General Sales Conditions before ordering.


In the coming paragraphs, the following words shall have the following meaning :

- " distance contract " :
any agreement for the sale of online digital products or the providing of services in the framework of a system of electronic mail order selling exclusively using the internet up to the conclusion of the agreement, such conclusion included

- " order form" : the form mentioning the characteristics of the product(s) or service(s) ordered by the internaut and its/their price :

. including the internaut's electronic signature when he/she clicks on the "Buy now" button (secured payment through Payapl and similar systems) (online orders);

. including his/her manuel signature before it is sent, in all other cases;

- " order " : the step taken by the Internaut to buy a digital product or online service ;

Article 1. Objet du Contrat

This contract is a distance contract aiming at setting up the rights and obligations of the parties in the framework of the supply of services and the sale of products to be provided.

Article 2. Contractuel documents

This contract shall include the following instruments in decreasing order with regard to their legal value :

- these General Conditions,
- the Order Form used by the Internaut.

Article 3. Ordering procedure

3.1. The following online documents proposed in our website shall be used :

. online form/order button :
in the event of online orders,

. standard order form : when an order form signed by the buyer is to be sent by him by fax or as appended item of an email.

3.2. Any internaut is considered to have irrevocably accepted these general sales conditions after clicking on the "Buy now" button or sending the standard order form as indicated hereabove.

Article 4. Orderd fulfilling

4.1. Order fulfilling shall depend on the ordering method chosen by the internaut
(online order or standard order), under the conditions indicated hereunder..

4.2. The business hours and days are :

Business days :
Monday through Friday except during the following public holidays :

Civil public holidays : New Year (January 1rst), Youth Day (February 11), Labour Day (May 1rst), National Day (May 20),

Religious public holidays : Ascension - Good Friday, Assumption (August 15), Christmas (December 25), End of Ramadan (Djouldé Soumaé), Tabaski (Fête du Mouton) (Djouldé Laïhadji).

NB. When a religious public holiday falls on a Sunday, the following day may also be declared a public holiday. The same applies if it falls on a friday or a tuesday : the previous day or the subsequent day may be declared a public holiday.

- Business hours : 8 - 12.30 AM , 02.30-6 PM (GMT + 1 h. If applicable in your country, take into account time readjustment in summer).

Article 5. Delivery

5.1. Delivery in the event of online order

The delivery of service(s) or product(s) ordered and paid on line shall take place according to the date of online sending of the items concerned or availability :

. by the sending of the access information to the funeral, commemorative kits or "In memoriam" pages etc., to the email address mentioned in the online order form for delivery,

. and/or by direct online downloading of the file(s) in the vent of product(s) or document(s) to be downloaded,

be it a product or service ordered for the buyer him/herself or to be offered as a funeral contribution.

5.2. Delivery in the event of standard order

The delivery of service(s) or product(s) ordered with a standard order form can take place only after checking of the payment supposed to me made by expres cash transfer by the internaut. The access information to the kit, page or service shall then be sent at the email address mentioned in the standard order form. The same goes for products to be downloaded, whether it be products or servicse ordered for the buyers themselves or to be offered as a funeral contribution.

Article 6. Warranty

6.1. The services and products supplied are the result of rigorous handling and management. Our warranty implies that :

. the products and services delivered are as described,
. the delivery and availability dates are respected,
. the validty period of products and services is respected.

Upon expiration of thesaid period, the online kit or "In memoriam" page shall be deleted.

6.2. Liability exemption and limitation in connection with the constraints of online publication

We cannot be liable for any postponement in the delivery or online availability resulting from circumstances beyond our control (notably acts of God).

Moreover, the duration of online availability/access is given subject to the external constraints of the technical environment. Indeed, the kits and pages are on line on third persons' structures hosting our website. Any technical incident at the level of such third party shall necessarily impact on our website, event if we did not cause it. Therefore, we cannot be liable for any delay in the online availability of kits or pages under such circumstances. The same goes if these online web pages cannot be seen temporarily under similar circumstances. We will though immediately extend the duration accordingly, but there should be no compensation due in this connection.

Finally, we cannot be liable for any such temporary interruption caused by a technical internet failure due to circumstances beyond us and our control. Indeed, we cannot be liable for problems of data transmission, lack of internet connection, slow internet connection or impossible access to the internet because of traffic overload.

6.3. In the event of crash or incident on the computer of the buyer or of the beneficiary of the order, a copy of the product or service or the access references to the online service may be sent again if he/she so requests, upon presentation of the relevant order information to be verified by our services in our archives.

6.1. The services and products supplied are the result of rigorous handling and management. Our warranty implies that :

- the services or the products ordered shall be in accordance with their description,
- the terms for fulfilling orders, for delivery and for making the documents available on line shall be respected.

6.2. We cannot be liable of any postponement resulting from circumstances beyond our control (notably acts of God).

Article 7. Price

7.1. Whatever the currency mentioned in the product description, the price should always be paid in euros or equivalent amount in other currencies, at the current rate.

7.2. Special offers are kits including a limited unit number. The corresponding price should be paid accordingly.

Article 8. Payment methods

8.1. The internaut shall pay for his/her order immediately :

- on line, through Paypal international secured payment system which does not imply though that he/she must have a Paypal account (for additional information, click here), in the event of online order,

- through expres cash transfers such as Western Union or Moneygram or in our office, in other cases.

8.2. A receipt shall be immediately included in the event of online payment. It is sent after checking the payment made in the event of payment by expres cash transfer.

Article 9. Use of the website products and services

The services and products supplied in the framework of this Service Providing Space are delivered for a personal use. They cannot be reproduced, copied, sold, sold again, or exploited for a commercial purpose whatsoever, notably in web sites or otherwise. Any utilization to ends other than the one indicated here-above shall give rise to the institution of lawsuits.

Article 10. Personal information

The personal informations asked to the Internaut are necessary for the handling of the orders and shall exclusively be used to this end. They may, where necessary, be sent to our partners in charge of the handling of the Secured Payment Space, if the Internaut has to have access to these services.

Article 11. Electronic signature

Clicking on the " Buy now " button (secured Paypal system and others) shall constitute the electronic signature which shall have, between the parties, the same value as a hand-written signature in the order forms sent by fax

Article 12. Claims

Claims relating to unfulfilled orders shall be sent on the Form provided for this purpose under the headings
Claims On Order-Related Problems latest, 7 (seven) days after the problem was encountered.

Claims relating to fulfilled orders shall be sent on the Form provided for this purpose under the headings (
Claims On Fulfilled Orders) latest 7 (seven) days after the delivery.

Article 13. Cryptology

We warranty that if we happen to use any means or service relating to cryptology to make the transactions related to the supply of our products and services more secure, this shall be done in compliance with the laws in force.

Article 14. Evidence

The communications, orders and payments which occured between the parties shall be registered in computerized registers kept as evidence in computers in appropriate and secure conditions, except for the kits and In Memoriam pages which will be destroyed on their expiration date.

Article 15. Scope of the contract - Waiver

These General Conditions constitute all the parties' obligations. The fact that we did not avail ourselves of a failure from the Internaut to fulfill one of his/her obligations under this Contract shall not be deemed to be a waiver thereof.

Article 16. Applicable Law - Competent Courts

17.1. Any dispute which may arise between the parties in the framework of this Contract shall first try to be settled amicably, on the initiative of the promptest party.

17.2. In the event of persisting disagreement between the parties, the dispute shall be settled by the competent courts in Douala, Cameroon which shall implement Cameroonian law.

Article 17. Sundry

The present sales conditions may be modified from time to time. The Internaut is therefore invited to read them before ordering to make sure he/she is aware of the latest version.



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