Very precious shared moments with family members, friends and acquaintances throughout the world, in a private on line space thanks to your contribution kit

- In the framework of Funerals Contribution Kit , you may make your contribution to the funerals available and at the same time allow an exceptionally strong online sharing experience between your relative, friends and acquaintances wherever they are in the world.

Indeed, with the Funerals Contribution Kits, reach two aims at the same time : watch the ceremonies on line and make sure everything went fine and at the same time enable an exceptional online sharing of the funeral events with family members, friends and acquaintances all over the world, in your private online space.

In this private online space, they will be able to send their testimonies, theirs condolences, wtach the funeral events etc.

- Offering an "In memoriam" Page may be a strong remembering-related gesture to keep the family links alive as well as a past which some may have never come accross or just forgot as time passes by ...

An "In Memoriam" Page will keep the memory of the deceased alive and at the same time enable the relatives, friends and acquaintances to send a virtual flower on this page that very day.

The Commemoration Contribution Kits enables the commemoration of the beloved departure in an online private space and to share the commemoration events with relatives, friends and acquaintances.

How will the beneficiary get the items relating to his/her kit or page ?

In the event of online payment, after your payment, you will be re-directed on a page where you will be simply asked to register him/her for him/her to receive these items. Contact him/her to let him/her know about your contribution. You have here and here messages templates to use.

In the event of payment other than online (expres cash transfer such as Western Union or Moneygram, or in the event of payment in our office), after the payment, you must send us the references of the beneficiary so as to enable us to send him/her the items concerned. Here too, c
ontact him/her to inform him/her about your contribution.

Make a useful contribution

Everybody will not necessarily think about a Funeray Kit as a contribution under these circumstances, or have the idea to offer an In Memoriam Page or Commemoration Kit, so you may be the one who will bring this additional dimension which will make the difference between this event and the others.

Your contribution was requested or you spontaneously wanted to make one ? Don't hesitate to offer a Contribution Kit ...

A large range of Kits

The various categories of kits and Pages proposed here may be ordered for yourself or as a contribution in favour of a family member or friend.

Corresponding information is included in the related pages. If you are interested, don't forget to clik on the relevant button according to that option.

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