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Welcome to this Funerary website !

The difficult reality to take into accont nowadays …

The skyrocketing internationalization and other factors more and more contribute to spread the families. It is thus often difficult to these separated families torn between the pain and the mobilization required to organize the funeral events to associate the children, grand-children, relatives, friends and acquaintances here and there all over the world to the departure of a beloved one. They will often have to be content with an "afterwards" small report or a few pictures taken here and there when possible.

Information, emotion-sharing, empathy, testimonies, genealogy recalling …

Invite your relatives, friends and acquaintances throughout your country and the world in your online private mourning space here. From there, you will announce the death of your beloved one and they will be able to send their condolences, testimonies etc.

An exceptional sharing experience during these difficult moments, not limited to the persons near you but including those living far away.


Your Funerary Kit is an online private space where you can share these painful moments with the people wishing to share them with you, wherever they are in your country or in the world. Moreover, some services are available to save your time.

Your Commemoration Kit is an online space for the commemoration of your beloved's departure with the people who wish to do so and follow the expected ceremonies from where they are..

In between, the "In Memoriam" Page wil enable you to keep up with your remembrance duty and wil give your relatives, friends and acquaintances the opportunity to send virtual flowers on that particular day.

Make a useful contribution

You have been requested to make a contribution or you have decided to do so spontaneously. Why, not for example, offer a Funerary Kit which will enable an exceptional sharing experience to be remembered for quite a long time ?

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