With the Funerals Contribution Kits, reach two aims at the same time : watch the ceremonies on line and make sure everything went fine and at the same time enable an exceptional online sharing of the funeral events with family members, friends and acquaintances all over the world, in your private online space. For additional information, click here.



In Order To Keep Remembering ....


The online "In Memoriam" Page allows you to keep the memory of your beloved living and enables your family members, friends and acquaintances to send a virtual flower on his/her page that very day.

It entails basic services in that connection. It is described here on the right, below.

The procedure for these Pages to be put online

After your online payment or in our office, you will be given a file including templates to use and instructions to follow.Among the items to be returned for the preparation of your Page, to be sent by email at the email address then mentioned or to be brought in our office in a flash drive :

. the notice template provided (or yours) recalling the date of the death (Word file or well printed page to be easily scanned),

. the picture of the deceased in jpg, gif or png and be clear (or a clear picture to be scanned);

- a deadline will be mentioned, to be strictly respected if you wish your Page to be on line on time.

- the mailing service included in this page allow you to save time with regard to the persons to be invited to visit this page that very day. You will give us their email addresses and we invite them on the opening date. At the same time, the deadline to send their small message to be added to the flower to be included online shall be precised for people who would like to send such a flower.

You may wish to take a totally-public option with access to the page not restricted to your family members, friends and acquaintances. In this case, mention it.

For additional information on our General Sales Conditions, click here.

To order an "In memoriam" Page or as remembrance-related gift click here.

This page includes :

1. 1 notice recalling the death date for the people who have known the deceased to remember him/her that particular day.

2. 1 picture of the deceased person.

3. The possibility for family members, friends and acquaintances to send a virtual flower on his/her page that very day and corresponding online arrangement (maximum : 5 messages)

Online duration  : 1 day.

Price : 100 euros - 65 500 Cfa F

To see an example of such a page, click here.

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