Your family funerals in a private online space together with relatives, friends and acquaintances throughout the world


The Funerary Kits enables you to have an online private space to share the information related to the funerals and allows a strong emotion-sharing experience between you, your relatives, friends and acquaintances wishing to be associated.

They entail various levels of services and prices for different types of budgets.

A facilitated circulation of funeral-related information and documents during this period

. The pages of your private space may be seen all over the world but only by the people you wish to be connected, who will be given the link. The reliability of permanently accessible online information is greater than the one given on the telephone which may be forgotten or not well taken down.
Also, various documents may be made available on line, from the simple funerals program to the deceased biography. Some visitors may even discover the genealogy which they never came accross ... or will keep the precious deceased's souvenir which may be downloaded there.

. You may also want your relatives residing in the other parts of the world to sing the song included in the funeral program back home. It is possible to include it in some categories of kits to enable them to learn how to sing it etc.

A unique on-line emotion-sharing experience

Your visitors will share, have their testimony included etc in a unique emotion-sharing environment.

A precious time-saving solution

In some categories of Kits, are included resources facilitating some not always easy tasks to carry out in such difficult moments such as writing the speech to be delivered when you are torn between the pain, the energy to be spend for the organization and tiredness.

A large range of Kits

The various categories of kits proposed here listed here-under.

Each category includes three level of services of course different

. Basic Funerary Kits, click here,

. Classic Funerary Kits, click here,

. Bronze Funerary Kits, click here,

. Silver Funerary Kits, cliqck here,

. Gold Funerary Kits, click here,

. Diaspora Funerary Kits, click here.

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